Texian jural society - Hague Re-Inhabitation Notice
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 10:37PM

June 2, 2012 - Cleaned up version with updates.


June 2, 2012 - Draft with updates.


Exhibit A - Notice of Sovereignty by the People of Texas acting in their capacity as the Texian Jural Society
Exhibit B - Texas Jural Assembly - First Estate Compact
Exhibit C - Texas Declaration of Independence (pages 1063-1066)
Exhibit D - Constitution of the republic of Texas Declaration of Rights (pages 1082-1085)
Exhibit E - Constitution of the Republic of Texas (pages 1069-1085)
Exhibit F - Constitution of the State of Texas Bill of Rights (pages 1277-1279)
Exhibit G - The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America (pages 1233-1238)
Exibit H - Article of Confederation of the United States of America (pages 1239-1248)
Exibit I - Constitution for the United States of America (pages 1249-1271)
Exhibit J - Constitution of the State of Texas 1845 (pages 1277-1306)

Texian jural society - Meeting Coordinators

North West Texas:      Grant Innes                  g.innes@trsot.org

South East Texas:       Jeanna Johnson           j.johnson@trsot.org

Central West Texas:         Linda Martin               smart@txol.net

Central Texas:             Richard Wetzel          itchiray@gmail.com 

North East Texas:       Linda Warner              l.warner@trsot.org


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